Monday, 26 April 2010

Umm hiya

i got a bit bored/too busy...
so I'm going to have a bit of a dabble in tumblr... never tried it but you never know?
if you fancy having a little look (Theres not much on there at the moment... well basically nothing) i'll be at

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

ohh funny. :)

sorry, this isn't my picture, its from the satorialist. But it made me giggle a bit. Not that he's not cool, because clearly he is. :D

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


My favourite past time? Going into Motel on park street and rooting under the clothes racks... why? because it's the greatest stock of Bristol finest free publications as I've ever found around the land. lol.

Here is a random selection of photos I've taken of said publications.... and havent posted. so hey. enjoy.


Monday, 8 February 2010

sometimes i wish i lived in the pond with the goldfish...

does that advert not look so beautiful. I'm pretty sure thats charlotte gainsbourg but I could be completley wrong.
It made me think of the worders of underwear and lovely lace and silky stuff and how much I really wish i had the money to go and live in paris and float around drinking coffee in stripy t-shirts and lace headpieces and little vintage broaches and a gorgeous sqiushy leather bag and little ballet flats.

coco before chanel is actually my favourite film ever, mainley because audrey tautou is just so fabby at acting, but also because it's full of the most gorgeous clothes in history. The scene when all the posh society ladies are flouncing around in their floofy dresses and she's just so elegant in her black lace gown is one of the most beautiful scenes in a film ever. I'm so glad I learn French as school because in my head it puts me that little bit closer to cutting my hair into a bob and dying it a rich brown and moving to paris and turning into an effortlessly chic french lady.

though maybe I can start with a trench coat.

Is it just me, or does anyone else not feel... old enough for some clothes. I've wanted a lovely beige trench for years, but I've not felt like it'll suit me yet, I felt the same about blazers for a while.

Well I really want one now, but even if I owned one it's too annoyingly cold to wear it. I'd freeze.

I was going to find some more pictures... but my internet's slowed right down and refuses to find anything. so that might have to be it for this post...


Blooming marveilleuse

Yeah... I'm really not sure about them, (not quite as brave as some) but I'm weirdly loving ye olde bloomers, only thing is I know that if I wear them I'll 1. get laughed at like a talking duck, and 2. look like i'm wearing pyjamas....

or like a victorian...

but not ever as cute as tavi in that pop shoot. oh the anger.


sorry, that was a really messy post. I'm tired.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

the random world of messius messy.

just thought i'd show you some random things from my life at the moment... they make me smile anyway.


"hang a pearl on every cowslips ear"

My discovery of the day (thankyou Vogue March... you know I love you), is the lovely designer Maia Norman, and her beautfiul spring summer collection. Does the dress not just wow your socks off. The patterns are amazing and make me want to go to a rainforest and take pictures of pretty birds.



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