Saturday, 31 October 2009

I officially love Sienna Miller....

I'm currently watching the September Issue. And I love love love it. Though some of the people are a bit whiney. But I love the twenties editorial. It's so beautiful. And the galliano. :O I so wish I owned Vogue US september 07. Jealous of anyone who does.

I can't be bothered with any pictures right now. I've been doing loads of homework researching Hitler and WWI and French Cinema and Henry VII. So much brain power that I'm now drained...


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fashion Faux Pas?

Okay. Is it bad that...

1. I'm not a fan of thigh high boots. Everyone seemed to go OMGOSH OMGOSH OMGOSH when Prada showed those digusting wader things. I was just left baffled. Who would wear that? Okay maybe catwalk looks aren't exactly designed for everyday wear. But still. Just look at them! (not my picture)

2. I'm still thinking about Autumn Winter while everyone's moved on to Summer already. Seriously. It's cold. I can't even ponder little shorts and tiny dresses when all I want to do is wrap up in my snood and a giant duffle coat (which Topshop sold out of before I got it. Soooo sad)

On that note. Here's some pictures from August Vogue.

Random. Anyway.
3. I'm listening to Mika whilst attempting to read 'Mein Kampf' for History. Not a good combo.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Okay. You probably don't know this... but I LOVE Mulberry Bags. And what's so terrible is that the factory is about a 3 minute drive from my Dad's house... Every time we pass I'm so tempted to commit robbery... it's horrific. And now! Not only have they created another fantastic bag, but they've given it to (and named it after) Alexa Chung, meaning I now have to see it in every magazine for about 6 months before it even comes into the shops (not that I could afford it anyway)

I'd be looking smiley too if I'd just been given a free bag (or two, I've seen her with it in tan leather as well)

ooo. Pretty coat. And pretty Velvet dress. Want much.
Anyway. I'll just sit here all envious and stewing in non purchasing ness.
Oh my English teacher would despair of my grammar.

(Not my Pictures... one's from Grazia I think and the others just off google images. please don't sue me)

London Bridge is falling down....

So. Yeah. I went to london last... thursday and friday and had a majorly jolly time in vintage shops and oxford circus and that. Bought this WONDERFUL skirt....
It has a lovely cameo print... yeah. And I loves it.

We also went to my favourite 2 places in the east end. This random turkish cafe on Brick Lane that does fresh as a fresh thing orange juice and Of course - Beyond Retro (on cheshire street). Fun times galore. I unfortunatley didn't buy any vintage... but the knitwear is so nice there. Check is out some time.

I can't move. My kitten's on my back...

Look at the bejewelled cardi!!! I know. I almost bought it... but then I realised... it's bejewelled. Seriously.

And after London.. I had a load of friends round for a tres sophisticated cocktail party and wore the lovely skirt I'd bought. :) But with a stripy dress thing I got from Manchester that'll I show you sometime...

Anyways :) Must fly... I'm baking a chocolate and raspberry tart


Monday, 19 October 2009


I didn't really comment much on that did I?
I could go back and edit but that'd take too long. And besides. Someone went to all the trouble of creating a new post button.

Just saying. i actually love Georgia-May on the cover of that. She's so gorgeous. I'd buy it just for her. And the dresses she's wearing are wonderful.

And Tim Walker's (LOVE MUCH) editorial made of bin bags and the like is hilarious to the max. And currently my little kitten is trying to squeeze into a tiny gap. and failing.
But still.

It's an amazing issue. And even if you don't buy another issue of Vogue this year.. buy this one.

ooo Dashing

This month was Vogue's 'More Dash Than Cash' special. And it was possibly the best I've read for a while :)
So I thought I'd show you the lovely bits.

Okay... well the whole presentation of that kind of failed. Shame.

Anyway. I have to research french cinema for (you guessed it) French. And I was wondering if anyone would like to recommend some good french films? (I'm a massive fan of Amelie)



Well. I have a wee confession. I didn't go to manchester in the end. My cousin was like... "wanna go chester instead?", so we did because we hadn't the energy to get the train all the way to manchester. But! I did buy a pretty jumperish dress thing which is long but looks really nice with a belt and I'll take a picture of that soon. Also! When I got home I found this :

I know. I know. Cute beyond belief right???


Friday, 16 October 2009

i secretly love david attenborough

I'm kind of in the car on the way to my grandparents... So I can't really do any posting for a bit but I'm going shopping in manchester on sunday so yeah fun times. Hopefully I'll get some lovely new clothes. :) x

Thursday, 15 October 2009

we're halfway there.

just like raindrops

eyeeee of the tigerrr.

My actual favourite site for the day :O

I can't explain.. just look.

oh know. that's really mini. But you get the idea.

By the way. I actually LOVE christopher kane. I mean... he's scottish and all cute and he sews...



Wednesday, 14 October 2009

'That is not it at all, That is not what I meant, at all'

That's from the latest issue of pop... but I photocopied it and wacked it in a photoframe... It's pretty.

And that's a random photo of the big screen from the other weekend when I went to see Mamma Mia the film thing outside on the big cricket pitch on a huge screen for some charity thing... not sure who the random people in front are...


Sorry.. I was going to be all amazing and posting every day and that. But I discovered I'm a little bit poo and the working + schooling + shopping + photoing +and knowing all of the catwalks back to front + blogging thing... So I'll try a little bit at a time....

Maybe I'll post like... one picture from a catwalk per day or something. Something that catches my eye.
I'm mega sorry if you're looking for an uber sophisticated fashion blog. I can recommend many.. but this isn't one.
Though I might show you some pretty pictures =D

And I do love fashion ever so much.
In fact in French today I was asked why I liked 'les feuilletons Americain' and I said because they wear nice clothes (Though not always strictly true... just look at the big bang theory... lol).
Which reminds me.
I seriously love that show. How can you not love the abudance of attractive males and stunninglybeautiful clothes?
Ooo. and has anyone seen the Nina Ricci tv advert... for 'Ricci Ricci'.

Here you are... a bit of Giles. Now to be honest I'm not fashion hard core enough to like the extra weird and wonderful stuff... and his show really was a bit space-age for me. I can do intricate and oldy style and marie-antoinette ott couture... but space age? Doesn't do it for me.

Though actually loving this... Bit of metallic, bit of puffy and a pair of completley cool shades.

Spiders = good. Metallic not quite skinny trousers = not so good.

Yes yes yes for the silver sequin suit. But I'm a little confused what's going on with this dinosaur bag thing... any ideas?

Nice little bit of Luella. Lovee love love the rosey fabric. And the hair is gorgeous. I've always wanted to do that with my hair... but it doesn't work.
Okay... This really reminds me of minnie mouse. The red. The bow. The polka dots (which I am currently LOVING).

And finally. I love the colar on the top, it reminds me of this lace one I found the other day and plan to attach to a t-shirt d.i.y styleee. But the shape of the skirt would be kind of unflattering on anyone other than these super skinny models...

And that's kind of it for today. I'm tired and have essays to write and placaes to beee. :)



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