Monday, 23 November 2009

shake your booties.

Went shopping saturday. In the rain, it's horrific, the weather is just ridiculous. I really want it to just snow, or at least stop raining.
On the plus side I got myself a fabby coat... I'm going to change the buttons... I'll show you it once it's all mega nice.
And I bought these mega lovely booties + the the skirt.
They remind me a bit of pirates and stuff, but I'll live with that, and they're pointy, which I never ever go for. But I actually love them. They're my midpoint between ballet flats and doc martens.
And the skirt is all floaty, with what my ever so lovely called a granny print. Which I suppose it a little true. But I actually love grannies, with their knitting and baking and cute little blouses. They sit discussing their grandchildren and wearing twinsets and florals; spend so much money on makeup and get all dressed up to go watch polo (well the upper class ones at least). And don't get me started on the queen. All I'll say is corgis.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My day...

Today I had a rather Jolly day. I got up, pondered my way through some homework, threw a load of rubbish into a bag and hopped on the bus to Bristol, where I met some lovely friendles and sat for ages.
After that we wandered round abit, went to Borders (Where I bought iD, more on that later), went up Brandon Hill, I sat on rocks and bins for some art thing, took sneaky pictures of people for my matey's fo-tag work, went to a couple of great shops (bs8, Motel), looke at cd's in fopp, ran across bristol, bought some oranges and some dolly mixture and hopped on the bus back home. Wonderful...
Here comes a bit of a visual diary. :)

By the way, it says 'Freak' on that note book, I almost bought it. But then I didn't. And the cd's are just ones with pretty covers :)


One of my friends is not very happy, so I'm off into Bristol today for mass hugs in starbuck. And you can't console people with biccies. So I made these lovely chocolate ones, and a mega nice jammy dodgers.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Drum Roll Please

It's time for a MUSIC POST! :) I know. Contain your excitment.
This is basically all that lovely stuff i'm filling my ears with at the moment. Wonderful musical delights. Like the biscuits I just made (I made jammy dodgers. Yes. I know. Way cool)

First up...

Stricken City
I can't explain music properly (clearly that music gcse was for nothing), so here's a lovely youtube video. And they're wonderful live (saw them as a support for mystery jets)

Look how pretty the clothes are. The feathers. The hair. I actually love her. Try and find 'don't spit at her face' if you can. It's my favourite.

Next up!!!

The Plasticines
They're French, they sing/play well, they dress well. What's not to love?

also try looking up some of their other stuff on spotify or something.

Yeah So?
Really don't know much about them... but I actually love this song. So... listen. Please :)

Florence + the Machine
Okay, my guess is you know enough about them that I can't be bothered to embed a video. If you don't then you best go look them/her up on youtube right now. But! I shall show you some lovely pictures of Florence Welch (lead singer) who's got such lovely clothes. (not my pictures)

And... a couple more names that I shan't find photos for because I have some book about Hitler to read.

The Big Pink (especially Dominoes)
The Last Shadow Puppets
The Libertines (especially Don't look back into the sun)
Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds (especially Slow Kids)
Friendly Fires
Band of Skulls
Dizzee Rascal
Mystery Jets
Tilly and the Wall


Monday, 16 November 2009

Hi. Sorry... this is a really random post.. I'm just kind of browsing

Which means all these pictures are theirs... including the last post picture. Oh and the Acne ones as well.Loving the tights. :)

Well I never...

Acne pre-spring... love love love.

I don't know if I'm described as behind the times for only talking about pre-spring... but oh well. It's pretty. I even like the long jersey number... and I don't do long casual dresses. I know. Shocking.


Okay. I seemed to have mis-placed vogue... So here's Polly's Official Best bits of Elle December 09

I'd comment on it. but I can't be asked.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

I just can't live without...

Take a look at this wonderful playsuit from Topshop... apparently they can't live without it.

And guess what. Neither can I. So it has officially become my christmas outfit (I have an un official deal with my mum, that at christmas I get to purchase some completley festive/glittery/lovely little outfit all in the name of christmas and she'll split the cost with me, gotta love mums).

But yes. Stay tuned for a wonderful outfit... though I might show it to you in stages. I'll do a post straight away when it arrives (2-4 working days? so Tuesday? or Wednesday? or even Thursday!) and then I'll show you the full outfit when I get tights (thinking either some lovely spotty ones, or lacey ones) and shoes (There's some lovely heels in Topshop... though I feel bad if my playsuit and shoes are from the same shop... but they are lovely...)

Anyway. Still haven't done this Vogue post... If I can muster the energy tonight I'll take some piccies whilst I'm in bed. I promise they'll be up some time. OOO. I could take some pictures of Elle as well....




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