Saturday, 30 January 2010

Collage to the extreme!

okay not really to the extreme. But this is some lovely arty stuff by Alexis Anne Mackensie that I found somewhere but I don't remember where because my head's full of the mega song I'm listening to by The Heavy. It's epic. :)

But anyway, these are such cute little collage things with flowers and all sorts of lovely things that are sooo much snazzier than the collages I used to make age 5 that was basically pictures of coke cans, bicycles and dolphins stuck together in a eton mess of glue and paper...

Have a look...

Sorceress 1, Crystal Heart, Butterflies up the spine -


Friday, 29 January 2010

Daisy Daisy...

Omgosh. It's like something straight from a Tim Walker shoot.
Oh how I wish I was daughter of the legendary Pearl Lowe and had parties like fairy tales. Instead I have to be satisfied with the occasional halloween party or the comfort of my bedroom if I fancy a dress-up.
Warning: these wonderful photos that are off may make you feel epicly jealous. :D

Gorgeous Much? In fact I might just have to run and delve into my Tim Walker book (it is quite possibly my most treasured possession and if you have never heard of Tim Walker and his fabulousness then feel ashamed, and then look him up and join the fan club)


GOLD gold. Always believe in your soul....

Are words required? I don't think so. Except.
I now officially love Kanye West. I don't care what his music is like. Check out this baby ;)

And now a reasonably relevant blast from the past...
Sorry I don't know how to put a video on a post so it's just a link... wait. I'm sure I've put a video in a post before... ah well I can't remember right now.


Okay. that was an epic fail of a couple of months blogwise and general wise. Not that you really want to know but I had to stress my brains out over English and Maths exams which are even less fun than riding a bicycle to edinburgh whilst reciting all of the gazillion words in the dictionary (and their latin translations).... although that does sound amusing.
Other than that I've not been up to much, my brain has been so filled with T.S.Eliot and algorithms that I've let my pouring over internet blogs and magazines looking at pictures of lovely clothes slip. But don't worry. I'm making up for it know even if that means that come May I'll be panicing like an elephant in a mouse farm. (clearly today is the day of the simile)

First a nice little video to make you feel a bit jollier and less resentful to my rubbish attempt at a so called blog.

and yes. I have somehow managed to make it that the picture is hyperlinked to the video. Magic? I think so.

But yeah. Check it out. It's kind of a warm-and-fuzzy-inside sort of cuteness. Made me smile anyway.

Hasta la vista



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