Thursday, 17 September 2009


Before we leap head first into London's wonderful fashion-ness. I thought I'd do you a little round up of the fantabulous New York, and my favourite shows (not that I was actually there. Omgosh. Now that would be news)
First up... Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I actually love the shorts in the middle. I mean. They're practically bloomers! I'm actually going to buy the one's from american apparel now. I think they'll look fab with my lovely woolly tights.

Next... 3.1 Phillip Lim. New York cool... in one show. It's practically magic. And that sequin skirt :O I want it soo much.

And Finally for today (I'll put up some more tomorrow, but I'm tired) Milly. I can't believe the length of those hemlines. That's my kind of mini. And I can see that hair bows seems to be a bit of a theme... ever since Topshop Unique's Bananarama themed show they're everywhere!!!

Any way... nighty night for now. I'm off to read 1984 (George Orwell) for English Lit... but I'll be back tomorrow. And soon I'll have a new camera to take fabby photos for you. And I hopefully (fingers crossed) going to London Fashion Weekend (as I'm a mere civilian so the main events out of bounds) so stay tuned for tonnes of photos.


(By the way, all the photo's are from

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