Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Okay. You probably don't know this... but I LOVE Mulberry Bags. And what's so terrible is that the factory is about a 3 minute drive from my Dad's house... Every time we pass I'm so tempted to commit robbery... it's horrific. And now! Not only have they created another fantastic bag, but they've given it to (and named it after) Alexa Chung, meaning I now have to see it in every magazine for about 6 months before it even comes into the shops (not that I could afford it anyway)

I'd be looking smiley too if I'd just been given a free bag (or two, I've seen her with it in tan leather as well)

ooo. Pretty coat. And pretty Velvet dress. Want much.
Anyway. I'll just sit here all envious and stewing in non purchasing ness.
Oh my English teacher would despair of my grammar.

(Not my Pictures... one's from Grazia I think and the others just off google images. please don't sue me)

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