Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Sorry.. I was going to be all amazing and posting every day and that. But I discovered I'm a little bit poo and the working + schooling + shopping + photoing +and knowing all of the catwalks back to front + blogging thing... So I'll try a little bit at a time....

Maybe I'll post like... one picture from a catwalk per day or something. Something that catches my eye.
I'm mega sorry if you're looking for an uber sophisticated fashion blog. I can recommend many.. but this isn't one.
Though I might show you some pretty pictures =D

And I do love fashion ever so much.
In fact in French today I was asked why I liked 'les feuilletons Americain' and I said because they wear nice clothes (Though not always strictly true... just look at the big bang theory... lol).
Which reminds me.
I seriously love that show. How can you not love the abudance of attractive males and stunninglybeautiful clothes?
Ooo. and has anyone seen the Nina Ricci tv advert... for 'Ricci Ricci'.

Here you are... a bit of Giles. Now to be honest I'm not fashion hard core enough to like the extra weird and wonderful stuff... and his show really was a bit space-age for me. I can do intricate and oldy style and marie-antoinette ott couture... but space age? Doesn't do it for me.

Though actually loving this... Bit of metallic, bit of puffy and a pair of completley cool shades.

Spiders = good. Metallic not quite skinny trousers = not so good.

Yes yes yes for the silver sequin suit. But I'm a little confused what's going on with this dinosaur bag thing... any ideas?

Nice little bit of Luella. Lovee love love the rosey fabric. And the hair is gorgeous. I've always wanted to do that with my hair... but it doesn't work.
Okay... This really reminds me of minnie mouse. The red. The bow. The polka dots (which I am currently LOVING).

And finally. I love the colar on the top, it reminds me of this lace one I found the other day and plan to attach to a t-shirt d.i.y styleee. But the shape of the skirt would be kind of unflattering on anyone other than these super skinny models...

And that's kind of it for today. I'm tired and have essays to write and placaes to beee. :)


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