Monday, 23 November 2009

shake your booties.

Went shopping saturday. In the rain, it's horrific, the weather is just ridiculous. I really want it to just snow, or at least stop raining.
On the plus side I got myself a fabby coat... I'm going to change the buttons... I'll show you it once it's all mega nice.
And I bought these mega lovely booties + the the skirt.
They remind me a bit of pirates and stuff, but I'll live with that, and they're pointy, which I never ever go for. But I actually love them. They're my midpoint between ballet flats and doc martens.
And the skirt is all floaty, with what my ever so lovely called a granny print. Which I suppose it a little true. But I actually love grannies, with their knitting and baking and cute little blouses. They sit discussing their grandchildren and wearing twinsets and florals; spend so much money on makeup and get all dressed up to go watch polo (well the upper class ones at least). And don't get me started on the queen. All I'll say is corgis.


1 comment:

  1. i love all the pieces.
    the skirt, the shirt and boots.



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