Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My day...

Today I had a rather Jolly day. I got up, pondered my way through some homework, threw a load of rubbish into a bag and hopped on the bus to Bristol, where I met some lovely friendles and sat for ages.
After that we wandered round abit, went to Borders (Where I bought iD, more on that later), went up Brandon Hill, I sat on rocks and bins for some art thing, took sneaky pictures of people for my matey's fo-tag work, went to a couple of great shops (bs8, Motel), looke at cd's in fopp, ran across bristol, bought some oranges and some dolly mixture and hopped on the bus back home. Wonderful...
Here comes a bit of a visual diary. :)

By the way, it says 'Freak' on that note book, I almost bought it. But then I didn't. And the cd's are just ones with pretty covers :)

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