Sunday, 15 November 2009

I just can't live without...

Take a look at this wonderful playsuit from Topshop... apparently they can't live without it.

And guess what. Neither can I. So it has officially become my christmas outfit (I have an un official deal with my mum, that at christmas I get to purchase some completley festive/glittery/lovely little outfit all in the name of christmas and she'll split the cost with me, gotta love mums).

But yes. Stay tuned for a wonderful outfit... though I might show it to you in stages. I'll do a post straight away when it arrives (2-4 working days? so Tuesday? or Wednesday? or even Thursday!) and then I'll show you the full outfit when I get tights (thinking either some lovely spotty ones, or lacey ones) and shoes (There's some lovely heels in Topshop... though I feel bad if my playsuit and shoes are from the same shop... but they are lovely...)

Anyway. Still haven't done this Vogue post... If I can muster the energy tonight I'll take some piccies whilst I'm in bed. I promise they'll be up some time. OOO. I could take some pictures of Elle as well....



1 comment:

  1. Lucky you!
    I love the playsuit too (:



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